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Buzzie's free baby ballet fun!

Buzzie loves to share the fun of baby ballet with everyone! Sit your little ballet dancer down and enjoy a free packed baby ballet session full of entertainment and giggles as Buzzie whizzes you through his special ballet classes. Whatever the age - preschool or reception, there's lots of ballet themed games and antics to join in make a space and let's go!

Buzzie's Easter party

Especially for Easter - Buzzie has a free baby ballet party to get your eggs cracking and your little bunnies bouncing!

Join in with Buzzie and the team with your Easter bonnet and egg and spoon for a fast and furious 15 mins of entertainment!

Buzzie's holiday fun

Don't let the holidays whizz you by without joining Buzzie for a quick baby ballet getaway!

Dip your toes in the water and hoola hoola your way to Hawaii with Buzzie! Lots of free ballet with a twist and imagination!

Buzzie loves to use his ballet to solve puzzles

Buzzie has lost his ballet shoes for class!

Can your baby ballerina help him find them?


Buzzie has lost four words for his ballet classes - can your ballet bee spot them?

  • SKIP

  • TOES

  • BUZZ

  • PILE

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